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Tuesday, May 27, 2008
cant really think of a title for this entry, so i think i'll just stick with an 'update' haha.

anyway, even thou i said earlier on that i would upload pictures of my thailand trip last month, my nua-ness has managed to get the better of me and i just kept putting it off until i finally decided not to do it since there weren't so many pictures to start with anyway.

well, 3 weeks has past since i came back to singapore, and in that time, some changes have occurred at work. firstly, i no longer sit back at the logistics section of my office; i've officially moved up to the front office to a workstation that is right opposite my boss, of all people!

and i now no longer deal solely with logistics/ inventory and the occasional technical issue that may come up..i am starting to learn the ropes of sales and running the local market from my senior colleagues.

this is mainly because while in thailand, my boss fired one of the guys there, and he decided not to hire any more thais to run the local office there as the previous ones in the past few years have all fucked up one way or another. thus, he is now sending my senior who is singaporean but half thai (he was born thai anyway) up to thailand fortnightly to manage the stuff up there. so, whenever he's not ard, i have to start taking charge of his business here in the singapore market/ i.e. liaise with his dealers, make presentations and stuff/ send biz quotations blah blah blah and basically just abt everything on his scope.

and thus, today started my new challenge of manning the fort when he's not ard since he just left for bangkok this morning and won't be back until saturday.

and well, i'll say it was quite challenging but still not that bad la..suddenly, phone calls started coming in directed to me!(seems like he had informed his local dealers to look for me during this week of his absence) and initially i had no grasp of what's happening..i jumped here and there looking for his files on pricelists and specs and what nots and kept referring to my product manuals in order to solve the enquiries coming in.

but hey, in the end, i managed just fine and i can say it was a good start to my baptism by fire, if i may even call it that.

i believe tmr and the days that follow will get even more challenging for me but thats ok cause with greater power, comes greater responsibility and now that im starting to be in the hot seat, it kind of feels right even though i am constantly being bombarded by calls and emails and enquiries and the like. i actually feel that i am doing something fulfilling ever since i joined geberit 1 year ago.

so keep them coming! the challenges i mean, and i will give my best to overcome everything in the way until i can one day be given the responsibility of handling a sales market/ region of my own. lol

It's ok to nuah in ur blog but not your job.... I'm really happy that you are doing so well in your job and excelling at whatever you are doing. Known you for 6 years already and I have never seen you so motivated (except for stuff like Dota, pool, CS.. lol). Keep the fire burning and there's bound to be down times, but I'm sure the new Werner is going to change a lot for the better. :)
» tibetmonk on 2008-05-28 10:34:54

haha thanks for the kind words..but actually im not doing that well yet la..cant really use the word 'excelling' at all, lol. but still, its nice to be doing finally doing sthing more meaningful than packing stuff and psph. as for the fire, its there because i dont want to let myself and my boss and everyone else ard who might have high hopes for my advancement down..haha..
» HellSinG on 2008-05-29 04:22:36

Aiyah... Fuck humility when you are good. Working from scratch has its perks. Jia you.
» tibetmonk on 2008-05-29 10:24:54

lol. tt above sentence owns! anyway..when want to play bball again? we very long nv play together liao hur.
» HellSinG on 2008-05-29 11:50:30

U think u can win me meh? Hahahahhahaa!
» tibetmonk on 2008-05-30 09:26:50

chi kua mai lor?
» HellSinG on 2008-05-31 11:53:43

» tibetmonk on 2008-05-31 12:21:44

» HellSinG on 2008-06-01 07:05:42

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