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Passion Run
Monday, June 9, 2008
ytd, for the first time ever i ran in a distance running event ~ the 100plus saucony passion run. and it was quite an experience i got to say.

although it was only 15km, and i clocked a disappointingly lousy timing of 1hr 39 mins for such a short distance, the feeling of finally finishing was still quite great. well, at least i finally ran in some sort of running event. hah.

anyway, to start off, we got there late. cos of fatass la..tell him to meet 0615 to take cab there since our wave flag off at 7am sharp..he fucking wake up at 0615 and take his own sweet time showering and changing, coming down only at 635. heng wei jian's father drove us there. if not we would not even be able to reach by the time our wave flag off. worse thing is, fatass still thinks he did nothing wrong. wtf..

when we finally got to ecp carpark e2, we decided to slow jog over to the start line..and just then.. we heard the counting down followed by the blast of the horn signalling the start of the race. well, kan cheong now as we were, we just cheonged over to the baggage deposit area and dumped our stuff and started running towards the start line..and by then it had ald started for 3 mins liao.

so well, after we settled into our individual comfortable pace, we just started running as per normal, treating it like a normal training run, just with a hell lot more ppl involved. haha. at first, i was running quite briskly, overtaking alot of ppl, until i saw the 3km sign board..i was like, WTF??!! i've been running for quite a while now and its only 3km?!! after which, the signboard for every kilometre seem to come slower and slower, and i got so sian i just slowed down and ran slowly, taking in the sights and sounds rather than concentrating on finishing with my initial aim of 1 hr 20 mins. by the time i hit 10km..i was abt 7 to 8 mins slower than my usual 10km timing... and at this point..i started feeling even more sian for some strange reason..and thus..needless to say..i finished with my lousy timing of 1 hr 39 min in the end.

finished the run, collected the finisher medal and goody bag (more like trash bag!) since it contained nth but stupid flyers and pamphlets from those companies involved in the organization of the race..commercial crap telling u to go buy this product/ service or the other.. a sport visor and no finisher tee.. unlike what was stated on the race kit package and website. and when we enquired abt it the information desk, the bloody woman had the cheek to be quai lan to us by saying, " what u expect for 18 dollars?" certainly not this bag of trash that i got with me right now! i wanted to retort back, but decided not to argue since we were both tired.

fatass wanted to wait and see whether we would tio the lucky draw, but end up we didn't and wasted 2 hrs at the tentage just being bored and tired. i had only slept an hr on saturday night, before i got up for the run on sunday.. and thus it was even more tiring.

by the time they finally got to the first prize and we realized we were not getting any..we got up and started another 1hr route march to the end of ecp, to where the former big splash was..got there even more tired, what else..but it was totally worth it..had carl's junior until we were filled to the brim..finished lunch and finally we got on a cab to home sweet home.

although ytd's run was quite a disappointment..it was still a good experience i think. personally, i realized my lousy performance was due to lack of trg and sufficient rest.. since i hadn't been slping well the entire week and was also lazy to train in the 3 weeks preceding the event. but not anymore.. for the next event, the army half marathon.. im gg to make sure i train sufficiently and slp well the previous night, so that i might achieve my goal of finishing it in under 2hrs.

ttz all for now.

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