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Sunday, August 24, 2008
This is fucking ridiculous! After all the preparations I made for so long just for today, this had to happen. Time now is 0730 hrs on Sunday morning, 24 August 08, and rightfully speaking, I shld be somewhere along the marina bay area, or east coast parkway, halfway thru my 21km. but instead i'm sitting at home, blogging. ALL BECAUSE I FUCKING OVERSLEPT!!

seriously, i have no idea how i could have even overslpt. because after my 15km passion run in june, in which i only slpt 1 hr and end up running a crappy timing, i realised the importance of slping enough the night before.

thus, for today's ahm, i actually went and conditioned myself by sleeping early the last few days, and waking up early, just so i could go to slp early on saturday nite and wake up on time to make it to the run fresh and energised.

end up i still overslpt! wtf sia... there's no one to blame really, except maybe myself, but even so, i still have no idea why i could overslp at all! i mean i went to slp at 9pm on saturday nite, but couldn't get any slp in, and so i tossed and turned ard until i finally slpt at ard 12 mn, woke up shortly after 3am, went back to bed, deciding to wake up as per the alarm i set at 430am, but when i actually woke up, it was ald 630am, when my race category had just flagged off..

really, i am sibei tulan now, but dunno who to tulan at also, since there's really no one at fault here. i guess the only thing to do now is to wait for standard chartered marathon at the end of the year, of which i will only take part for the 21km cat and not the full marathon. cos there's no way i can do a full marathon without even first doing a half. fucking sian...

wah seh.... ur alarm didn't ring? or u slept right through. damn suay sia, happened to me before also
» Koban on 2008-08-24 02:35:18

either one i guess, haiz..suay la
» HellSinG on 2008-08-25 06:30:34

haiz... so u signed up for stan chart?
» Koban on 2008-08-25 10:34:39

nah, guess not. no time to train also

» HellSinG on 2008-09-15 12:12:35

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