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Monday, November 17, 2008
Guess its time for an update again, the last time being more than two months back when I caught that big toman..

Anyway, even though I am still actively fishing every week, I haven't had much luck recently, just a small soon hock caught on dead prawn, which was so skinny I had to put it back.

But well, I'm not going to bore anyone here today with my so far unsuccessful fishing exploits. Instead, I'm going to bore you with something else. Exams.

If I recall correctly, the last written academic exam I took was more than 3 years ago, and as many know, I am studying again after some years, and today, I just took my first exam, which is consumer behaviour. Even though I have done this before in year 2 during poly times, this time round, its much more chim...I don't recall how the exam was structured back then, but I can confirm now at degree level, its much harder..even though the concepts and theory are similar to some extent..its just much harder to score.

Today's was quite bad..I didn't manage to finish writing my 2 hr paper, even though I had prepared sufficiently and knew all my stuff rock solid. Got to put it down to bad time management I guess; spent 1 hr 35 min on the first question alone and had to make a mad rush to write the 2nd question in the remaining 25 min, of which I only managed to answer about slightly more than one thirds. To top it off, I ran out of paper at the 1 hr 57 min mark but decided not to ask for more to write my remaining stuff since it would probably take about 2 min for the invigilator to travel across the huge exam hall and pass me another booklet, after which, I would only have less than a minute to do anything, which wouldn't really count for a damn. shit....

And hence, I handed in my paper resignedly and waited to go off. My coursemate sitting in front of me had to turn around all giggly and stuff, and looking at my defeated face, utter "Ooooh! I like that look on your face!", to which I only muttered, "Say that again, I'll punch your face in." and she immediately shut up. Whew..at least that didn't go any worse.

DAMN! This is maybe the first time I have such a shit feeling taking exams, and this paper was supposed to be my most confident one. Feeling shittier than ever now that I think about the next two, which are way harder. NB...

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