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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Anyone who has seen my msn message on how I currently define ODTW as Organising Dementia and Transformer of Wankers could have guessed I'm kinda pissed at this subject, if not I wouldn't even be posting another entry again in such a short span of time after my last post.

Anyway, this is kinda like that time in year 3 when I had that shit feeling of being conned by the lecturer. Not sure if anyone still remember, but back then, it was cranky George and his recommended text, which was supposed to contain everything relevant for exam and project for Global Marketing, but end up everything also cannot find during revision time and I had to rely on hand-copied notes.

And now, along comes another lecturer promising a whole shitload of good stuff, only to not meet up to expectations again. He is my ODTW lecturer, Allen Kwok, who happens to be part time lecturer at MDIS, but loves to talk and talk about the institution like he got a fucking stake in the shares or what.

Nvm that, this guy, the first time we attended his lesson, boasted that his past cohorts, at least 20% score A, but when lesson start proper, we find that his notes are age old transparency print outs from way back to even year 2000!

Ok, to be fair, shouldn't doubt them if they happen to be effective, but..his lessons are just downright lousy.. What he does is he reads line by line all the confusing crap on the notes, and at a damn fast pace..but doesn't allow for interruptions at all..so if you happen to just switch off for one second, you don't know whats going on liao...like that I might as well just read them myself at home, still have to come to class for what?!

Now for his exam pointers..which are suppose to be all we need to prepare for the exam according to him..but when I actually start to revise, I find that the material for each individual pointer is located all over the fucking book! Somemore the page no. anyhow jump here jump there..really makes for very "interesting" reading, or should I just go straight to point, and say fucked up? haha..

Like that he might as well just save all the bullshit and say "Just read the whole bloody book for exam, no pointers/ hints/ tips available whatsoever." Den won't give people false hopes what.. esp everyone in my class are all full time working, and don't have much time to study as it is liao..

TMD...Really fucked up..feel like giving him a good piece of my mind the next time I run into him on campus.

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